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Budapest Architecture Guide is a folded mapguide with an inner city map. The main map shows locations of interesting architectural spots, suggested walking routes to discover the buildings and main public transport lines helping to get there. The reverse of the map shows pictures and additional details of the imperial buildings in English and Hungarian languages.

Size folded: 11,4x17 cm
Size: 68,4x34 cm

Titles published so far in the Budapest Architecture Guide series:



The Hungarian modernist architecture has been aesthetically and historically specific: In the conservative culture after the shock of destruction and losses of World War 1, the modernist architects had their impact only at the end of the 1920s. Closing the era, in 1949 the Communist Party decree strongly condemns and prohibits the western, cosmopolitan, modernist style.

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National Cultural Fund
The publication of this map was supported by the National Cultural Fund.



In the world of contemporary architecture one might feel rightly that orientation between the styles and themes of the past two decades is just as confusing as orientation in reality. The selection is a useful guide that draws attention to buildings that in themselves give an authentic and exciting picture of the contemporary state of Hungarian architecture today.

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In the case of the Art Nouveau buildings, it is worthwhile to observe the details as well, all the more because besides the excellent examples of the international trends in Art Nouveau there are some unique ones bearing motifs of traditional Hungarian folk art, the creations of the national style.

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