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Map & Graphic design:

Zoltán Katona (1970) cartographer, founder (1996) and CEO of A&Z 1.1 Cartography. Since 2008 member of British Cartographic Society. Author and editor of numerous maps prize awarded in national and international exhibitions. Through the involvement of nature conservation (MSc., Szent István University Institute of Environmental Management) assumes a significant role in the civil nature conservation GIS tasks.

Architectural themes, sorting, photos:

Zsolt Zsuffa (1972) Ybl Prize winner architect, elected member of Supervisory Committee of the Budapest Chamber of Architects between 2008-2012. Co-founder and senior architect of ZSK Architects. Best known for his work the Pro Architecture Prize winner Budaörs City Hall designed jointly with Laszlo Kalmar. Zsolt Zsuffa has been also involved in Planning Council of more capital district's work and visiting lecturer of Technical University of Budapest, Department of Public Building Design. He earned his doctorate (DLA) in 2012 from the Technical University of Budapest.


Krisztina Somogyi (1969) visual intelligence researcher, honorary associate professor. Her research is focused on the visible world and the creation and admission processes of planned environment, within this framework she turns great attention to contemporary architecture communications. She teaches at several universities and courses, visual communication lecturer in Technical University of Budapest, Graduate School of Building Arts. Curator of several national and international architectural, graphic, typographic and photographic exhibition and conference, competitions juror, author of books and movies. In 2003 she received the Pulitzer Prize as the writer of Octogon magazine, in 2014 she received the Silver Carpenter's Pencil Award.